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Open A Fund

The creation of a charitable fund through the Sandusky County Communities Foundation begins with your desire to support and strengthen our community. Based on your personal interests, you may select from a variety of fund types-including​:


Designated Fund

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Donor Advised Fund

Piles of Books

Field of Interest


Organization Endowment

Scholarship Fund

Foundation staff will work with you to select the fund option that meets your charitable objectives.


You and your financial advisor will select the type of giving vehicle you should use to make the contribution that will establish your fund.

Your contribution and a simple agreement (called a Deed of Gift) between you and the Foundation will establish a fund. Should you decide to use certain types of deferred giving vehicles to make your contribution, a fund may also be established in the language contained in a bequest or trust document.

Whether you are establishing a fund today or through a deferred gift, the Foundations professional staff and volunteer Board of Trustees is available to meet with you and your financial advisor to discuss our services in greater detail.


The vitality of the Sandusky County area is dependent upon the commitment of those who invest in its future. If you are considering such a commitment, we invite you to learn more about the Sandusky County Communities Foundation and how you can become a part of our community of donors.

Want to learn more about opening a fund?

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