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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement

Our Commitment to Helping You Help The Community

The Sandusky County Communities Foundation is committed to building a thriving community where all are welcomed, invited to the table, protected, and regarded as equal.  Now is our time to listen, learn, understand, and grow. 

What we do to support inclusion in our grantmaking to support you and the vital work you do for Sandusky County:


  • Provide Grant Informational Meeting - To ensure new and emerging organizations are clear on the expectations, eligibility, and criteria of our grants process, we require ALL applicants to attend our informational meeting held prior to the application process opening. 

  • Utilizes a Shortened Application - Allows organizations to apply for funding without spending exorbitant time on the application and to ensure the application is clear and understandable. 

  • Focus Areas - We split our grant resources into six focus areas to ensure organizations of all types are being supported. 

  • Limits One Application per Organization - Each organization is limited to one grant application so funding can be spread across many organizations including new and emerging organizations. 

  • Uses a Community Advisory Team - The SCCF uses a Community Advisory team made up of board members and community members  who review the competitive grant applications. 

  • Does Not Require Matching Funds - The SCCF does not require matching funds so organizations do not have to worry about raising funds for projects prior to knowing they will be supported by a grant from the SCCF as well. 

  • Does NOT use Reimbursement Plan for Grant Payment - The SCCF pays awarded grants in a one-time payment at the time of the award as we understand nonprofit budgets do not always allow for reimbursement.

Since our inception in 1998, we have been seeking ways to make Sandusky County a better place to live, work, contribute, and prosper. One of the ways we have accomplished this goal is by maximizing our grant-making opportunities to support programs that nourish the county now and into the future.  Join us and become a partner in equity!

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