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BCT Scholarship

Are you a BCT Alumni or a BCT Senior?  If so, you are eligible to apply for our new BCT Scholarship! 

Scholarships will be awarded in $500 increments. 


The scholarships are designed for BCT members and alumni. Scholarships will be awarded to students who plan to attend or are attending an accredited school. 


1. Current BCT member or alumni. 

2. Must have been an active participant in BCT 



1. Application must be submitted to SCCF Director by April 30 with all material complete. 

2. One signed letter of recommendation from a non-family member must be attached. The scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient’s college, university or trade school. If the winner is not currently enrolled, the money will be held up to one (1) year. Receipt of proof of enrollment and associated cost from the college or institution of enrollment will be required before disbursement of funds. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final. Recipients will be recognized annual grant awards and Donor breakfast.

Apply for the BCT scholarship today!

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