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Establish A Scholarship Fund

Are you a Philanthropist who is interested in establishing a scholarship fund?

For many reasons donors are often interested in creating scholarship funds. For instance...


  • The opportunity to help young people in our communities continue their education.

  • The chance to support the study and advancement of an interest close to their heart, such as medicine or art history.

  • To simply encourage educational achievement.

  • A local business may establish a fund to provide assistance for the children of the company's employees.


Usually created as permanent endowments, investment earnings from these funds provide scholarships to deserving young people. Often, scholarships memorialize a loved one or honor a special person. Depending on the particular scholarship, you may be involved in:


  • Developing the selection criteria and application materials.

  • Notifying the appropriate sources, such as high school guidance counselors and youth organization leaders, of the availability of the scholarship.

  • Reviewing applications.

  • Developing terms of the scholarship.

  • Ensuring that the terms of the scholarship (i.e. minimum grade requirements, enrollment status, etc.) are met.

Establishing a scholarship fund offers you the opportunity to help deserving young people continue their education and build a solid foundation for their future. We invite you to learn more about the Sandusky County Communities Foundation and how, together, we can support the youth of our community.


Are you ready to transform lives?

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