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Establish a Fund

Establishing a fund within the Sandusky County Communities Foundation is both easy and cost effective.  A donor has the choice of Donor Advised; Scholarship; Field of Interest; Designated; Organization Endowment; or Unrestricted Funds.  Contact the Executive Director of the Sandusky County Communities Foundation for details and the specifics of each fund category.


With an initial contribution of at least $10,000.00, a donor may establish their own 501(c) (3) (non-profit) perpetual fund.  Generally, two (2) single page documents are required to establish a fund.  In this way, a donor can save the cost of establishing their own 501 (c) (3) entity, the cost of preparing and filing their own tax returns and the cost of administering their fund.  Further, the policies and procedures of the foundation provide for the continuation of a donor’s goals and objective into perpetuity.


Perhaps the greatest benefit in establishing your own fund is the ability to create a lasting legacy to your family or to ensure that your favorite charity, educational or charitable interests continue to receive the funding that may make that significant difference.

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