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Building Community Together (BCT) is a philanthropic youth board whose purpose is to raise funds and return them to the community in the form of youth service grants.

If you are looking for a rewarding way to become active in the community, learn how boards work and dedicate time and energy to administer funds for youth-led designed projects throughout our community, then BCT may be for you!


The Building Community Together (BCT) initiative began in 2001 when the Ohio State University Extension, 4-H Youth Development entered into a multi-state project focused on developing and sustaining youth and adult partnerships in local communities by addressing relevant needs and issues important to these groups.


If you are in grades 8-12 and live in or are affiliated with Sandusky County (i.e. school, work, church) we encourage you to apply for membership in BCT.


To fill out a membership application, please click here.

BCT Scholarship

Are you a BCT Alumni or a BCT Senior?  If so, you are eligible to apply for our new BCT Scholarship!  The application and criteria for the scholarship can be found below:

Apply for a Youth Grant

Is your group looking for funding to complete a community service project? BCT may be able to help! Groups of youth and adults who are looking to make a difference in their own community within Sandusky County may apply for a grant through BCT. Grants are available in any amount up to $1,500.00 for projects that meet the following criteria:


  • Youth determine what they want to do as their service project. Youth must prepare the application, present their ideas to the youth board and implement the project once approved.

  • A "youth group" consists of more than 2 youth.

  • Projects must benefit communities throughout Sandusky County with an emphasis on youth service to others.

  • Any youth group submitting an application must have a sponsor (e.g. church, school, 4-H club) and an adult advisor.

  • The time frame for your project will depend on the type of project. Most projects should be completed in 1 to 3 months.

  • Projects range in cost, up to $1,500. Funds may be used for the operation of the project, transportation and limited youth recognition. BCT may choose to fund only portions of the project, depending on the needs of the group and existing funds.

  • A required questionnaire will be provided at the completion of the project.

A youth grant application can be downloaded by clicking here.
For any questions please call the BCT Advisor Angie Morelock at 419.355.0141
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